Whey Protein Weight Loss: Does It Really Work?

You may have heard of the weight loss shakes or the whey protein shakes as effective agents of weight loss. Scientific studies have also confirmed that whey protein consumption leads to a significant decrease in body weight and notable increase in the lean muscle mass. Dieters and bodybuilders swear by them, even nutritionists and doctors recommend them for quicker weight loss and regulation of bodily functions.

So what are these whey and creatine protein shakes and how have they become universal answer to a healthier body? Let’s uncover some secrets about these shakes that are revolutionizing the natural health supplements market.

Whey proteins are natural by-products of milk. Milk contains two proteins – casein and whey – along with fats, and during the process of making cheese the casein and fats are converted into cheese while whey is separated as liquid combined with lactose and minerals. Whey is extracted from this liquid and used in health supplements in its powdered form. Usually available in flavored form to be blended with either water or milk, whey is a popular energy drink which is also used as a meal replacement supplement or in weight loss shakes by serious dieters.

Many health benefits have been ascribed to whey protein, if used as part of a regulated dietary plan. Prominent among these benefits are weight loss, lowering of cholesterol levels, helping the body build lean muscle mass, building stamina, improving the immune system, suppressing the appetite and fighting against cancer. When combined with creatine protein that increases the body’s capability to produce energy faster and therefore train for longer periods of time, whey is truly a potent health drink. Since they are the two most researched proteins by the health and sports industries, they are safe to be taken in recommended quantities and can truly help show incredible results in a short period of time.

Whey protein shakes are easy to make and convenient to use. They show immediate results, if taken in correct proportions with a balanced diet and moderate exercises, and are therefore extremely motivating for people who are aiming to reduce weight. Their usage is also associated with greater sense of overall well being and a generally healthy body. Since they are high-in-protein and low-in-fat drinks, they can be added to the calorie restrictive diets too, for added weight loss benefits. With minimal side effects and so many advantages, what’s not to like about these protein shakes?

Whey Protein Weight Loss