London Office Cleaning: How to Find the Best Firms

Britain’s capital is awash with facilities and property maintenance firms. In fact, if you walk down most streets of any borough in London, you’re bound to have passed or tripped over a few on the way to the next intersection.

The fact is, the city of London is packed full of real estate, most of which is in constant use by companies leasing the space to operate, shops renting to trade and of course, tenants wanting somewhere to live.

With an estimated population of 8.6 million people and growing, that’s a lot of square footage to clean and maintain.

The UK is infamous for it’s weather and if you speak to most locals, they’ll tell you that during certain times of the year, you can get all four seasons in one day! With such varying degrees in temperature, moisture, humidity and if you’re lucky, sunshine and heat, that can play havoc on most buildings.

In a capital that is full of old and new buildings, degradation and deterioration is commonplace. And with many landlords and property owners insisting that maintenance is carried out regularly, and at times solely by the tenants, that a big responsibility to have to endure not to mention a costly one.

So it’s unsurprising that there’s a massive number of sole traders, start-ups and small businesses all offering to maintain buildings and office spaces all across the capital. Sadly with such a wide choice on offer, there’s plenty of good, bad and downright ugly out there.

Unlike the US where there’s a lot of regulations such as permits and licence requirements to carry out maintenance, for the most part the UK does not have such tight controls. Aside from gas and electrical issues, most building works and handyman activities are not greatly overseen and that has led to an increase in poor quality workmanship which frankly, nobody likes!

As a result, it makes life very hard to find the right type of people. So if you’re in need of a solid, reliable and knowledgeable property maintenance firm, where do you look and how do you start? Well, here’s a few good tips to get you on the right track:

1. Word of Mouth

There’s nothing quite like getting a referral from someone who already uses a maintenance firm. If you know a neighbour, a fellow landlord or another company who actively uses a property and facilities maintenance company, find out what they think and how much they cost. If they give a glowing review, perhaps your search is over and you should use the same company.

2. Review Sites

Because of the surge in charlatans and cowboy builders in recent years, it comes as no surprise that there’s a ton of review sites out there helping us to make better, more informed decisions. If you have no idea who to trust for your maintenance issues, find out who others have and their experiences by checking sites like Check-a-Trade, Trust a Trader and Trust Pilot. You’ll be amazed at the number of reviews of companies operating near you and you’ll get first hand feedback from their customers and see exactly who’s best and who’s not.

3. Google

Good old Google is still an amazing tool and if you type in searches for local handyman, repair firms or London Office Cleaning, you’ll again get a massive list of local results plus reviews posted to their Google+ pages. Spend literally a few moments on your computer or phone running a search and it will be a very eye opening experience; one that will surely give you all the answers you need!

In an age of information and shared content, we can be thankful that untrustworthy traders will all eventually get caught out as the internet has given the consumer the power back, we can now confidently go out and find a great property maintenance company in London without the concern of being ripped off, scammed or having essential repairs botched or worse, made incredibly dangerous. God luck with your search and use all the tools available at your disposal to make a well-judged, informed decision.