How to improve an old kitchen by spray painting the doors

Give Your Kitchen a Facelift With These Simple Tricks!

In a kitchen it is normal to spill drinks or have food crumbs and stains here and there. Obviously, one does try to be careful but certain defects such as scratches may also make their way on kitchen doors and drawers, especially with little kids and pets. After some years your kitchen may have started looking rather shabby but this is just a matter of its outer shell, that is, the doors and drawers. These are mainly subjected to the most wear and tear after all, and if you were to check the kitchen carcasses you will notice that most likely they are still in a rather good condition. Therefore when considering all this it follows that in most cases there is really no need to remove the whole kitchen and end up forking out thousands so as to install a brand new one. Not to mention the time and mess involved to remove all the items within the cupboards, dismantle and get rid of the old kitchen, and install the new one.

A Painted Kitchen Before & After. Image credit: Klosteria

In reality you can greatly improve your old kitchen by simply undertaking a relatively minor project – spray painting or replacing the doors and drawers. You will be amazed at the big difference this will have on the kitchen’s look, not to mention the fact that it will be a good opportunity to change the colour and the style of your kitchen. Moreover, spray painting or replacing the doors will be a rather quick task when compared to installing a kitchen from scratch, and needless to say, it is much more affordable too. It is worth noting that one would need to take into account the material of the kitchen doors. Wood is the best surface for spray painting so if you have melamine coated MDF, replacing the doors is realistically your only option. If it is laminate, it is not a good idea to spray paint and you should shop around for replacement kitchen doors made to size instead. If you intend to spray your doors, glossy finishes are best removed by sanding first in order to have the paint bond more easily and prevent pealing.

Spray painting kitchen doors is one of the most popular DIY kitchen makeovers. For those who like DIY, it is fairly simple to do this. One will need to remove the old doors, and the knobs or handles and any hardware from them. It is also highly recommended to mark or label each one of them so as to avoid confusion when you install them later on.

One would then need to devote time on cleaning them properly. Grime and other residue is normal on kitchen doors as this is after all where cooking takes place and where there is a lot of vapour, steam and evaporation. Once the doors have been cleaned well, it will be easier to notice any defects that may be removed or tackled in one way or another. Certain scratches for instance may be filled with wood putty of the same colour.

Always Use Primer for a Smoother, Longer Lasting Finish. Image credit: Todays Homeowner

Next you would need to prime the doors. The preferred option is to use oil based primer for the best possible results. Next, you will start painting. Make sure to choose a good quality paint and to apply it evenly when spraying. Once it has dried, apply a second coating. Make sure to keep the room well ventilated and wear a mask.

Once you are done, enjoy your new kitchen doors! Simply install the handles and hardware and hang them onto your kitchen cabinets to have a practically brand new kitchen!