Freeview IPTV: Two Vital Features

IPTV offers some distinctive features to its users that make it a popular on demand video entertainment network. For those, who haven’t heard much about IPTV, it is important to point out that IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is basically a LAN based internet protocol that offers live television all over the world. The most important thing that makes IPTV stand out from other internet television networks is that it offers decoder signals to watch any TV channel in any part of the world. IPTV offers distinctive features to its users and based on the user’s subscription these features are then made available to them.

Here are two vital features of IPTV

Video on Demand: VoD or Video On Demand is the most popular feature of the IPTV. Through this feature, one can view his or her favorite TV shows or movies any time, anywhere – literally speaking – on demand. In order to avail of this service, the customer needs to upgrade his existing package in the IPTV subscription. The IPTV operator has the broadcasting rights to offer different types of visual content that include TV shows, on demand movies and special broadcasting of any popular shows. These shows are decoded by an integrated receiver on the set top box and thus the viewer is able to watch his or her preferred TV shows on demand.

Live Sports Streaming: This is yet another important feature of IPTV, which basically enables users to watch live sports events that are not being broadcasted in their region by their respective cable operator. Many times, sports channels have a very limited broadcasting area and they only air sports events in the regions where they are viewed most.

For example, Rugby is a popular sport in England, but it is less popular in the Asian countries, and that’s why sports channels usually take less interest in broadcasting the live rugby events in the Asian countries, because of the lower viewership. If an English fan visits an Asian country and wishes to watch a live rugby event which is unfortunately not being broadcasted in the particular region by any sports network, then that fan can switch to IPTV so as to be able to watch it even in Asia.

These features are two of the most important features of IPTV. In the coming years, IPTV has planned to introduce more features like these to make television viewing a lot easier, more interactive and more practical.

Freeview IPTV