Finding the perfect Kent SEO Company as your marketing partner

Make your selection process simple, quick and effective

As more and more businesses go online, the demand for high organic search rankings increases hugely. Competing companies in related industry sectors grow, the market shrinks and the desire to become the most prominent company on local and national searches becomes all the more important. The world’s gone totally online and in this age of data, occupying the right digital space means the difference between profit and loss.

Small businesses are quickly discovering that local search prominence is just as important, if not greater than being known nationally. The age of the printed yellow pages directory is long gone and with mobile devices being continuously connected and sharing information online, you need to find ways to get ahead of the pack in your immediate town or city. Local SEO represents the answer to this current challenge.

So how do you go about ensuring your business is prominent in all forms of local searches and directories?

Your best decision could be to speak to a local search engine optimisation expert in your city. In the UK, the home counties outside of the central London areas are displaying the fastest rate of growth so businesses in counties such as Kent are getting back on their feet after the economic woes of 2007-2008.

It’s fair to say that there is a huge amount of choice when looking for a SEO supplier but the truth remains today that a large bulk of these suppliers are not providing a quality of service that will have longer term benefits. Unfortunately, the search engine optimisation industry has been mired with a reputation for offering poor quality work, a “hit and run” mentality and a generally poor live of customer service. Finding a supplier that isn’t going to take your money and waste it is a tough ask. But there are some extremely talented SEO’s out there who do know what they’re doing and do know how to get results.

If you need to get found on Google’s local results, the best key points to consider have to be:

1) Stay Local – forget overseas suppliers, no matter how tempting their extremely cheap offerings may appear. In the SEO world, the phrase “you get what you pay for” could never be truer so stick to a company or freelancer that is based close by so you can conduct regular get togethers and stay in touch to ensure transparency and clarity in the work they are carrying out.

2) Reviews – spend a couple of hours checking into the online reputations of any local SEO you are considering. Don’t expect glowing reviews across the board as for every handful of happy clients, there’s always one or two that is never satisfied. But, if their overall profile seems to be on the positive side, they could be a potential suitor.

3) Ranking – any SEO who knows what they’re doing should rank pretty darn well themselves right? So if a local SEO firm is not ranking well on Google, chances are they’ll struggle to do the same for you. So in this case, you can judge a book by its cover!

4) Expectations – don’t expect miracles the second you shake hands. SEO whether local or national does take time. There’s no magic overnight formula to getting position 1 on page 1 of Google, otherwise we’d all be doing it, right? So make sure you discuss realistic timeframes when your chosen SEO believes you will start to see results and get a return on your investment.

5) Trust – the most vital ingredient when hiring an SEO is to have a complete and full understanding. Good SEO’s usually require access to a lot of your digital infrastructure such as website source code, social media, webmaster tools and analytics accounts. Without these, they will be extremely hampered in their abilities to do the job to its fullest and most effective. So if you have any issues allowing this type of access to your accounts, you need to consider if SEO offers the right path for you. But if you do allow that kind of access, the results will be well worth it!

So good luck with your searches. If you do find a good local SEO, it could be the best investment you made in your business for years and once the results start to show, you can look forward to seeing the competition as a distant object in your rear view mirror.

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