Exhibition Stands: What’s the Best Location at a Trade Show?

Understanding exhibition design and build methods are a key component to making an impact at every trade show your organisation will attend. However, another factor that will make your booth a success or not is knowing where the best location is to have your exhibition stand featured. Trade shows are incredibly busy places and there are areas where you want your booth to be located. Continue reading below to find out the top 5 locations to have your organisation featured.

A Typical Exhibition Floor Plan

A Typical Exhibition Floor Plan. Image credit: EIS Everywhere

Find out the floor plan

Before you even decide on your booth design and marketing strategies for the next trade show, you will want to find out the exhibition floor plan looks like from the event planner. You will want to be able to understand where certain industries will be located, where refreshment and relaxation areas are located as well as washroom spaces and locations that are guaranteed to have more attendees that have higher traffic. Picking the right location can directly impact your return on investment.

Know your neighbours

It is essential that you know of the other booths and exhibitions being featured around your area. If all of your neighbours are in the same industry as your organisation this could create issues. However, having your booth placed near an industry leader can bring you more traffic to your booth. Also choosing to be close to another booth that complements your brand or products can also be beneficial for gaining more visitors and naturally engaging more people which brings more potential leads and customers.

Utilise space

This is not as well known but if your organisation has different branches inside it, you can create different exhibition booths around the event. You can create even greater brand awareness and can focus directly on specific products or services you are promoting. You can create separate booths and stands inside a show and have them featured in different strategic locations to gain more attention and engagement with attendees.

Corner, side and island positions

There are plenty of positions to place your exhibition stand and many of them have benefits as well as negative features. It is noted that side positions are easy to design for and creates the possibility to use an exhibition stand and build designs that can be re-used but have less exposure. Corner locations have naturally more people walking through the area which can help with being noticed. Another idea is to use the main entrance areas of trade shows so you can maximise branding and marketing to people entering the trade show.

Embrace creativity

When you approach a trade show you will naturally have limitations on what you can do with your exhibition design and build. Things like booth placement, allowed height, floor space as well as power supplies will limit you. You can optimise your creativity and use techniques that will maximise your brand and marketing despite limitations. Your best option is to think hard and do brainstorming to get the best effect with what you have available to you.

Trade shows can be rewarding

Maximising your opportunities and what you can do with your brand at a show are only limited by your creativity and imagination. Follow the 5 suggestions above to find the best locations for showcasing your brand.