How to Choose a Good Pair of Astronomy Binoculars

Almost all astronomers, both amateur and professional, own at least one good pair of binoculars and with good reason too. Binoculars offer unparalleled ease of use, while delivering crisp, clear views of the night sky at affordable prices. Unlike telescopes that have to be set up very precisely to be able to track objects, a pair of binoculars is simply pointed in the direction you want to observe, focused with one simple adjustment, and provided the instrument is held steady, it will produce views that are comparable to, and sometimes superior to, a small telescope.

Nevertheless, binoculars suffer from one major drawback. Unless you are using a giant pair of pier-mounted binoculars, their relatively small objective lenses do not gather sufficient light to view dim objects. Note that the distance of an object is not always related to its brightness, so even relatively close objects that have a low surface brightness might be a better target for a telescope, simply because a telescope gathers more light. Fortunately, though, binoculars offer an affordable way to discover the many binocular targets that are visible from the UK. An interactive sky map to find seasonal binocular targets is available online.

However, price alone should never be the sole deciding factor, especially if you are new to the hobby of stargazing. There are many technical aspects to consider to prevent you buying the wrong instrument, so in this guide we will briefly describe some of the most important things to look out for when shopping for a pair of binoculars for stargazing purposes. This guide will also briefly describe three high quality astronomy binoculars that are suitable for astronomical observing.

Get the basics right

Like all binoculars, instruments designed for stargazing are described by two figures, for instance, 10×50, 12×70, or some other combination. In all cases, the first figure denotes the magnification the instrument delivers, while the second denotes the diameter of the objective lenses. Thus, a 10×50 instrument gathers light through two 50mm-diameter lenses, and magnifies the object being viewed ten times.

These are important figures, because two 50mm lenses gather significantly more light than any 50mm aperture telescope, which means that the view through a 10×50 pair of binoculars is often superior to a view of the same object through a similar sized telescope. As with any optical aid, the more light the instrument gathers the better the views get, which in practice, means that a 10×50 instrument is better suited to observing bright objects such as the moon and planets, as opposed to nebulae and other deep sky objects such as galaxies that have low a surface brightness.

Thus, the secret to buying the right instrument is to be sure about what you want to observe; knowing this will make it easier to strike the right balance between magnification and lens diameter to achieve clear images.

Get proper eye relief

“Eye relief” refers to the distance behind the ocular (small) lenses of the instrument at which the image comes into focus. This value, expressed in millimetres, is an important consideration because an observer that wears eyeglasses might not be able to bring his eyes to within the specified distance. This means that such an observer will be unable to see a fully focussed image. The image below shows a typical eye relief problem that wearers of eyeglasses often encounter.

Image credit: Nikon

Image credit: Nikon

The most common eye relief distance is about 15mm, but most high quality binoculars are designed so that wearers of eyeglasses can comfortably use them. However, there are exceptions to this, so if you wear eyeglasses, be sure to test all binoculars you are considering buying while wearing your eyeglasses to be sure you can bring an image into focus.

Magnification is not everything

While it is tempting for beginner observers to go for the highest magnification available, the fact is that excessive magnification can sometimes make it impossible to view a desired object. There are two main problems with magnification: the first involves the fact that the higher the magnification, the smaller the field of view becomes, meaning that at high magnifications, parts of large objects, such as M45 (Pleiades Cluster), may not fit inside the field of view.

The other, more serious problem involves the fact that as magnification rises, so does image instability. In practice, this means that at say 20 × magnification, every small movement of the instrument also causes a 20-× magnification of that movement, which results in images that are so “shaky” that all detail is lost to the viewer. The obvious solution is to use a sturdy tripod to steady the instrument, but the downside of this is that a descent tripod can be more expensive than the binoculars.

Thus, observers on a tight budget are better served with smaller and lighter binoculars that can be held steady by hand, while still delivering a great view.

Consider the field of view

“Field of view” in this context simply means the total area of the sky that is visible through the instrument. Bear in mind that unlike telescopes, with which the field of view can be changed simply by switching eyepieces, the field of view delivered by a pair of binoculars is fixed. Therefore, if you mostly want to use your binoculars to observe the vast star fields in the Milky Way, or perhaps the surface of the Moon, a powerful, high-magnification instrument might show you more detail, but it will do so over smaller area than a lower magnification instrument will.

While astronomical binoculars are designed to deliver useful magnification as well as reasonable fields of view, the fact is that this ratio is fixed, meaning that above all, the intended use of the instrument should be the deciding factor that determines your choice of binoculars.

Our choice of top quality astronomical binoculars

Although the average observer is spoilt for choice when it comes to the bewildering number of makes, models, and prices of astronomical binoculars, the three instruments described below are widely regarded as being among the best in their respective classes. Note that all three instruments listed here are suitable for use by observers who have to wear eyeglasses.

Olympus 10X50 DPS I Binoculars

Price: £115

Image credit: Olympus

Image credit: Olympus

While some purists might argue that 10×50 binoculars are too small for serious astronomical observing, the mid-level multi-coated lenses on Olympus 10×50 DPS binoculars are of a high enough quality to deliver crisp images that are essentially free of chromatic aberration (false colour), and distortion around the edges of the images that is a common problem on low quality optics.

Moreover, this instrument delivers a whopping 6.5-degree field of view, which is augmented by a painless focussing adjustment to produce stunning views. Additionally, its lightweight construction means that it can be used without a tripod for extended observing sessions through folding eye caps that makes this the ideal choice for observers who have to wear eyeglasses. Note that the indicated price should be treated as a guide only.

Celestron SkyMaster 25×70 Binoculars

Price: £175

Image credit: Celestron

Image credit: Celestron

The Celestron SkyMaster 25×70 is and affordable 25-× magnification instrument aimed at serious observers that routinely observe relatively dim objects. The 70mm objective lenses gather sufficient light to bring objects into view that a smaller instrument cannot; however, its 3.3-pound weight make them unsuitable for prolonged use without a tripod.

The instrument comes with a tripod adapter that fits almost all standard camera tripods, and it is strongly recommended that this instrument be mounted on a sturdy tripod for best results. This instrument is also suitable for long distance daytime viewing, when it high magnification can be very handy to spot elusive birds or other game species. Note that the indicated price is a guide only.

Celestron SkyMaster 25×100 Binoculars

Price: £499

Image credit: Celestron

Image credit: Celestron

The Celestron SkyMaster 25×100 binoculars is widely regarded as one of the best astronomical binoculars ever made. Nonetheless, this instrument is not suitable for use without a tripod, which should be rated as “heavy duty” to carry the 10-pound weight of this instrument without imparting vibrations to the instrument.

The views through this instrument are comparable to a 5-, to 6-inch telescope, but with the added advantage that it takes up only a fraction of the space taken up by a telescope, meaning that the observer gets near-telescopic views from an instrument that fits comfortably inside the average overnight bag. Note that the indicated price is a guide only.

Phase 1 Habitat Surveys: Practical Processes & Application

Environmentally mapping proposed development sites

Landscape architecture revolves around various aspects, because the design of outdoor areas differs a great deal depending on the type of area, the trees and other habitats in that area, and the reason why a certain development or project has been proposed for that area. Carrying out detailed evaluations of the areas in question is of the essence, as several things need to be taken into consideration. The authorities will also require certain reports before approving of a project proposal.

One of the most common requirements is the phase 1 habitat survey. Basically a phase 1 habitat survey calls for the mapping of an area that is being considered for a certain development. Phase 1 habitat surveys are indispensable as a foundation to inform those concerned with the decision making process of the current state of the area, any habitats present there, as well as the stepping stone for further surveys that may be deemed necessary. Phase 1 habitat surveys are often critical to assist in the impact assessment of certain projects or developments. The landscape structure is studied, and above all any vegetation that is present in the area will be noted. Landscape architects make use of certain standardised definitions as well as map colour schemes in order to make sure that everything is standardised and properly classified, so that in case the report needs to be used at a national level for future use or for comparisons, there will not be any problems with lack of clarity or non-procedural aspects. Most clients do not consider the fact that even hedges and ditches could potentially be considered as important habitats. However, a landscape architect will explain all this once the phase 1 habitat survey is completed, and also try to make things a bit simpler for clients who do not understand the jargon and the legal aspects of such issues.

Phase 1 Habitat Survey Mapping. Image credit: Applied Ecology

Phase 1 Habitat Survey Mapping. Image credit: Applied Ecology

For those who have never seen phase 1 habitat surveys and what they look like, suffice it to say that it is basically just like a colourful map of the area. There will also be a number of target notes, so as to provide additional information on certain points of interest or any habitats that are too small to map out. Phase 1 habitat surveys are very useful and sometimes extended phase 1 habitat surveys are considered necessary if more detailed information is required about the site. This is often the case with large developments. An extended phase 1 habitat survey would also include additional information such as botanical species, and, appraisals of areas that could be habitats for legally protected species. However the first step is to carry out a phase 1 habitat survey, which is to an extent a kind of site assessment, to put it simply. Once the types of habitats present are determined by this first survey, there will then be a better idea as to whether it would be better to carry out more extended surveys, which will target specific aspects.

Kent Bat: Image credit: Kent Bat Group

Kent Bat. Image credit: Kent Bat Group

In Kent and in UK in general, there are a number of common protected species that are often found in lowland habitats, such as bats, otters, badgers, water voles, certain reptiles and breeding birds. Protected species are often the second phase of ecological site assessments, and this is technically referred to as a phase 2 survey, where there will be a lot of emphasis placed on the vegetation. However in the case of lowland developments this type of vegetation survey is often not necessary.

Phase 1 habitat surveys are best conducted between April and October, for the simple reason that during this period most deciduous as well as annual species of plants are more identifiable. Phase 1 habitat surveys take a landscape approach. Flora and fauna can be studied in areas that are more rural and it is a fascinating experience considering that often the landscape architect will need to go in deep ditches, dense hedges and other areas which may not be that easily accessible. However this is part of the beauty of carrying out phase 1 habitat surveys. Should you need such a survey, make sure you hire a professional and experienced specialist to take care of this for you, so as to put your mind to rest that it will be handled with utmost care and professionalism.

Choosing an Interior Designer for your London Home or Business

Finding your perfect creative partner

Have you ever heard about the role of a professionally certified interior designer? If you want to redecorate your home and bring life to your interior, this is the exact person you need to help you. An interior designer is able to transform your home – and the end result is a balanced, harmonious and enjoyable place to live or work in.

Now, there are many interior designers that specialize in interior redecorating, but there are also other types including interior arrangers, interior stylists, one-day decorators, visual coordinators or interior refiners.

Therefore, choosing the best interior designer can be a daunting experience. However, we can help you make the right choice with our step-by-step process listed below. So, let’s start.

Step 1: Choosing a Certified Interior Designer in London

A certified interior designer is a professional who is qualified to design, prepare and submit any type of nonstructural and non seismic interior construction plan. In case you thought that interior designers are just a bunch of creative people following the recent trends in design, that is definitely not true – although people like that sadly do exist.

A certified interior designer can not only help you choose the best styles for your home. Moreover, such professionals will make sure that everything works together well aside from the visual impression. This is a skill that only certified interior designers have, and is best demonstrated through their education, experience and knowledge of the Uniform Building Code. Space planning, life safety, flammability and disabled access code issues are only some of the many standards that your interior must adhere to.

Step 2: Setting a Budget for the Interior Design Project

If you are wondering how does pricing work when it comes to interior design, you are not the only one.

Basically, interior designers can set the pricing on their own terms. However, it is important that you come to a meeting point in terms of pricing. The most common pricing options you can choose from include:

  • Flat Design Fee: Here, the client pays a flat fee for the professional interior designer’s services based on the time required, the design plan and the scope of their services.
  • Hourly Rate: Some interior designers can be hired on an hourly rate, where the interior decorator bills the negotiated rate per hour.
  • Cost Plus Method: Some of the professional interior designers charge a set percentage on all the merchandise you purchase and the tradesmen services your home requires.
  • Per Square Meter: There are also some interior decorators that charge per square meter, although this method is used especially in new construction.
  • Mixed Method: The mixed method is also a common one where the client pays a set percentage on the purchases and a base design fee for the hourly rate of the designer.

The bottom line of these models is to find one that works for you and always agree on it prior to the project.

Step 3: What To Ask Your Interior Designer?

At the first meeting, you should make sure to ask the following questions and be informed about these things:

  • The interior designer’s portfolio and previous works
  • The projects they worked on and their size
  • The budget range for every project similar to yours
  • How the established budget will be handled and what’s the best payment schedule method
  • The types of services the designer can provide
  • A list of references


Following this guideline will definitely help you find reliable interior design contractors in London. However, you should also make sure to define some things on your own, including your budget, the activities that will take place in the space, the length of time you will occupy it as well as your vision of the entire project including your preferred colors, styles and accessories.

Finding the perfect Kent SEO Company as your marketing partner

Make your selection process simple, quick and effective

As more and more businesses go online, the demand for high organic search rankings increases hugely. Competing companies in related industry sectors grow, the market shrinks and the desire to become the most prominent company on local and national searches becomes all the more important. The world’s gone totally online and in this age of data, occupying the right digital space means the difference between profit and loss.

Small businesses are quickly discovering that local search prominence is just as important, if not greater than being known nationally. The age of the printed yellow pages directory is long gone and with mobile devices being continuously connected and sharing information online, you need to find ways to get ahead of the pack in your immediate town or city. Local SEO represents the answer to this current challenge.

So how do you go about ensuring your business is prominent in all forms of local searches and directories?

Your best decision could be to speak to a local search engine optimisation expert in your city. In the UK, the home counties outside of the central London areas are displaying the fastest rate of growth so businesses in counties such as Kent are getting back on their feet after the economic woes of 2007-2008.

It’s fair to say that there is a huge amount of choice when looking for a SEO supplier but the truth remains today that a large bulk of these suppliers are not providing a quality of service that will have longer term benefits. Unfortunately, the search engine optimisation industry has been mired with a reputation for offering poor quality work, a “hit and run” mentality and a generally poor live of customer service. Finding a supplier that isn’t going to take your money and waste it is a tough ask. But there are some extremely talented SEO’s out there who do know what they’re doing and do know how to get results.

If you need to get found on Google’s local results, the best key points to consider have to be:

1) Stay Local – forget overseas suppliers, no matter how tempting their extremely cheap offerings may appear. In the SEO world, the phrase “you get what you pay for” could never be truer so stick to a company or freelancer that is based close by so you can conduct regular get togethers and stay in touch to ensure transparency and clarity in the work they are carrying out.

2) Reviews – spend a couple of hours checking into the online reputations of any local SEO you are considering. Don’t expect glowing reviews across the board as for every handful of happy clients, there’s always one or two that is never satisfied. But, if their overall profile seems to be on the positive side, they could be a potential suitor.

3) Ranking – any SEO who knows what they’re doing should rank pretty darn well themselves right? So if a local SEO firm is not ranking well on Google, chances are they’ll struggle to do the same for you. So in this case, you can judge a book by its cover!

4) Expectations – don’t expect miracles the second you shake hands. SEO whether local or national does take time. There’s no magic overnight formula to getting position 1 on page 1 of Google, otherwise we’d all be doing it, right? So make sure you discuss realistic timeframes when your chosen SEO believes you will start to see results and get a return on your investment.

5) Trust – the most vital ingredient when hiring an SEO is to have a complete and full understanding. Good SEO’s usually require access to a lot of your digital infrastructure such as website source code, social media, webmaster tools and analytics accounts. Without these, they will be extremely hampered in their abilities to do the job to its fullest and most effective. So if you have any issues allowing this type of access to your accounts, you need to consider if SEO offers the right path for you. But if you do allow that kind of access, the results will be well worth it!

So good luck with your searches. If you do find a good local SEO, it could be the best investment you made in your business for years and once the results start to show, you can look forward to seeing the competition as a distant object in your rear view mirror.

Kent SEO Company

Watch Sky TV in Germany: Experience the Best Television Treats

Sky TV can offer you the best television experience. You will only realize that you need it most, the moment it will happen in reality. Although it is true that not everyone is fanatic of watching TV, yet with the best offer that the Sky TV can offer, packed with a device that can let you connect the Internet in your television, it will surely be a totally great experience.

In Germany, many citizens have already availed the packages they want. They have chosen their best channels and subscribe to their local satellite. While there are also those people, especially the expats who have opted to watch Sky TV in Germany and get the international subscription for their preference of available language.

Actually, even if you are not in Germany, as long as you have this device called the Blade IPTV set top box, you can already browse the web and view your search on the wide screen of your television. Yes, this is made possible by Sky TV as well as this Blade Stream HD IPTV And Media Box. This only means that once your subscribed channel could not give you the movie you would like to watch at that moment, then you just can browse online and watch the live streaming. It was indeed an awesome treat.

You just need to coordinate with the local and international satellite installer so they could assist you in integrating the Blade Stream HD IPTV And Media Box to your television and allowing your subscribed channels to still pop up in your TV screen. This might require higher technical knowledge, yet you can hire somebody in your location to do the job.

It is essential that you can set-up the device successfully, without any conflicts with your satellite subscription for the channels, and the Internet connection for your access on the web. With all these things being ready for you, then you can just sit in your couch whole day and experience the best of what your TV can offer. You may invite your friends and family to come over to your place so everyone would have their share of the most advanced TV experience.

You can watch Sky TV in Germany or anywhere in the world, added with special features from the Sky satellite receiving equipment as what was mentioned. Since, there is an additional tool for you to enjoy your TV experience, then surely you can also expect added TV adventures. The device allows you to save your TV show, so you will not miss any episode. You can replay all the videos and music because of the USB port, which you can use to store the data of those files on your flash drive.

All of these and more of the TV adventures from Sky TV and the Blade Stream HD IPTV.

Employment Law Solicitors: Protecting Your Interests as an Employer

As an employer, you may be very conscientious. And in reality, you should always be applying the right standards. With this careful and considerate approach, you may be spared of some major employee issues. Even if this is not the case, there are many other struggling situations in which you simply need the advice and help of a professional employment law solicitor in Kent.

The changes in the employment law are constant, however the technicalities involved is what makes the bad interpretation of the law. There are many situations that can lead to loss of money and reputation and therefore, professional employment law help is more than needed.

The most common issues to which you can and should entrust your employment law solicitors in Kent include:

  • Guidance On The Difficult Employment Decisions
    If you decide to fire an employee of yours, you may be facing a difficult decision in terms of the legal action. In order to make sure you have the right, a consultation with a solicitor who can review all the circumstances and guide you in properly is beneficial.
  • Representation
    Developing problems with particular employees is a common scenario. In the event an employee files a complaint against you and initiates legal proceeding, you most definitely need the help of a professional employment law solicitor.
  • Documentation
    A review on your personnel policies, employee handbooks and agreements is never a struggle – and always a chance to make sure you hold everything right on paper.

In the end, once you are convinced that a professional employment law solicitor is the person you need, you can definitely make the needed research – and end up with the most knowledgeable, experienced and reliable solicitor in the field to carry out the most significant role of your business.

Employment Law Solicitors

Freeview IPTV: Two Vital Features

IPTV offers some distinctive features to its users that make it a popular on demand video entertainment network. For those, who haven’t heard much about IPTV, it is important to point out that IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is basically a LAN based internet protocol that offers live television all over the world. The most important thing that makes IPTV stand out from other internet television networks is that it offers decoder signals to watch any TV channel in any part of the world. IPTV offers distinctive features to its users and based on the user’s subscription these features are then made available to them.

Here are two vital features of IPTV

Video on Demand: VoD or Video On Demand is the most popular feature of the IPTV. Through this feature, one can view his or her favorite TV shows or movies any time, anywhere – literally speaking – on demand. In order to avail of this service, the customer needs to upgrade his existing package in the IPTV subscription. The IPTV operator has the broadcasting rights to offer different types of visual content that include TV shows, on demand movies and special broadcasting of any popular shows. These shows are decoded by an integrated receiver on the set top box and thus the viewer is able to watch his or her preferred TV shows on demand.

Live Sports Streaming: This is yet another important feature of IPTV, which basically enables users to watch live sports events that are not being broadcasted in their region by their respective cable operator. Many times, sports channels have a very limited broadcasting area and they only air sports events in the regions where they are viewed most.

For example, Rugby is a popular sport in England, but it is less popular in the Asian countries, and that’s why sports channels usually take less interest in broadcasting the live rugby events in the Asian countries, because of the lower viewership. If an English fan visits an Asian country and wishes to watch a live rugby event which is unfortunately not being broadcasted in the particular region by any sports network, then that fan can switch to IPTV so as to be able to watch it even in Asia.

These features are two of the most important features of IPTV. In the coming years, IPTV has planned to introduce more features like these to make television viewing a lot easier, more interactive and more practical.

Freeview IPTV

Affordable Reading Glasses: Why We All Need Them One Day

Close-up vision is very important. Unfortunately though, as we grow older, it is common to experience a gradual worsening in this vision. You may have started to experience difficulties when doing needlework, while reading a book or when you look at the computer screen. This is referred to as presbyopia.

Presbyopia is actually a natural part of the aging process, and it often starts at around age 40. In order to be able to see close-up objects, the eyes have to accommodate by changing the thickness of the lens. This is done while the ciliary muscles tighten, so that the light rays coming from objects close by can be brought into sharper focus on the retina. As we grow older, the lens becomes stiffer and less elastic. As a result, the lens will find it difficult to change its shape.

The first thing that comes to mind is that you may need a pair of affordable reading glasses. Sometimes non-prescription reading glasses, or readers, which are found in many drugstores will suffice. If not, you may need higher quality prescription glasses. Your eye doctor will be able to decide if you require bifocal, trifocal or progressive multifocal, depending on your needs. Sometimes monovision or multifocal contact lenses can also be helpful.

These are all non-surgical treatment options. Then, there are surgical eye treatments. The most common option in this case is the Monovision Lasik surgery. In this surgery one of the eyes is corrected for distance vision, while the other eye is left for near vision. Depth perception could be affected by this treatment, and there are also people who find it a bit difficult to get used to monovision.

Another surgical option is the refractive lens exchange. This is very similar to the cataract surgery, as the eye’s natural lens gets replaced with an artificial lens.

Correcting presbyopia is something that can be done. Consulting with an eye doctor is the best option as he or she will be able to suggest which treatment is most suitable for you, depending on your needs, budget, lifestyle and preferences. If you already have glasses, or use contact lenses, it is still important that you consult an eye doctor since prescriptions change over time, and even more so if you have presbyopia. People who spend plenty of time trying to focus on small objects may also develop presbyopia at a younger age.

Affordable Reading Glasses

Whey Protein Weight Loss: Does It Really Work?

You may have heard of the weight loss shakes or the whey protein shakes as effective agents of weight loss. Scientific studies have also confirmed that whey protein consumption leads to a significant decrease in body weight and notable increase in the lean muscle mass. Dieters and bodybuilders swear by them, even nutritionists and doctors recommend them for quicker weight loss and regulation of bodily functions.

So what are these whey and creatine protein shakes and how have they become universal answer to a healthier body? Let’s uncover some secrets about these shakes that are revolutionizing the natural health supplements market.

Whey proteins are natural by-products of milk. Milk contains two proteins – casein and whey – along with fats, and during the process of making cheese the casein and fats are converted into cheese while whey is separated as liquid combined with lactose and minerals. Whey is extracted from this liquid and used in health supplements in its powdered form. Usually available in flavored form to be blended with either water or milk, whey is a popular energy drink which is also used as a meal replacement supplement or in weight loss shakes by serious dieters.

Many health benefits have been ascribed to whey protein, if used as part of a regulated dietary plan. Prominent among these benefits are weight loss, lowering of cholesterol levels, helping the body build lean muscle mass, building stamina, improving the immune system, suppressing the appetite and fighting against cancer. When combined with creatine protein that increases the body’s capability to produce energy faster and therefore train for longer periods of time, whey is truly a potent health drink. Since they are the two most researched proteins by the health and sports industries, they are safe to be taken in recommended quantities and can truly help show incredible results in a short period of time.

Whey protein shakes are easy to make and convenient to use. They show immediate results, if taken in correct proportions with a balanced diet and moderate exercises, and are therefore extremely motivating for people who are aiming to reduce weight. Their usage is also associated with greater sense of overall well being and a generally healthy body. Since they are high-in-protein and low-in-fat drinks, they can be added to the calorie restrictive diets too, for added weight loss benefits. With minimal side effects and so many advantages, what’s not to like about these protein shakes?

Whey Protein Weight Loss

London Office Cleaning: How to find the best firms

Britain’s capital is awash with facilities and property maintenance firms. In fact, if you walk down most streets of any borough in London, you’re bound to have passed or tripped over a few on the way to the next intersection. The fact is, the city of London is packed full of real estate, most of which is in constant use by companies leasing the space to operate, shops renting to trade and of course, tenants wanting somewhere to live. With an estimated population of 8.6 million people and growing, that’s a lot of square footage to clean and maintain.

The UK is infamous for it’s weather and if you speak to most locals, they’ll tell you that during certain times of the year, you can get all four seasons in one day! With such varying degrees in temperature, moisture, humidity and if you’re lucky, sunshine and heat, that can play havoc on most buildings. In a capital that is full of old and new buildings, degradation and deterioration is commonplace. And with many landlords and property owners insisting that maintenance is carried out regularly, and at times solely by the tenants, that a big responsibility to have to endure not to mention a costly one.

So it’s unsurprising that there’s a massive number of sole traders, start-ups and small businesses all offering to maintain buildings and office spaces all across the capital. Sadly with such a wide choice on offer, there’s plenty of good, bad and downright ugly out there. Unlike the US where there’s a lot of regulations such as permits and licence requirements to carry out maintenance, for the most part the UK does not have such tight controls. Aside from gas and electrical issues, most building works and handyman activities are not greatly overseen and that has led to an increase in poor quality workmanship which frankly, nobody likes!

As a result, it makes life very hard to find the right type of people. So if you’re in need of a solid, reliable and knowledgeable property maintenance firm, where do you look and how do you start? Well, here’s a few good tips to get you on the right track:

1) Word of Mouth
There’s nothing quite like getting a referral from someone who already uses a maintenance firm. If you know a neighbour, a fellow landlord or another company who actively uses a property and facilities maintenance company, find out what they think and how much they cost. If they give a glowing review, perhaps your search is over and you should use the same company.

2) Review Sites
Because of the surge in charlatans and cowboy builders in recent years, it comes as no surprise that there’s a ton of review sites out there helping us to make better, more informed decisions. If you have no idea who to trust for your maintenance issues, find out who others have and their experiences by checking sites like Check-a-Trade, Trust a Trader and Trust Pilot. You’ll be amazed at the number of reviews of companies operating near you and you’ll get first hand feedback from their customers and see exactly who’s best and who’s not.

3) Google
Good old Google is still an amazing tool and if you type in searches for local handyman and repair firms, you’ll again get a massive list of local results plus reviews posted to their Google+ pages. Spend literally a few moments on your computer or phone running a search and it will be a very eye opening experience; one that will surely give you all the answers you need!

In an age of information and shared content, we can be thankful that untrustworthy traders will all eventually get caught out as the internet has given the consumer the power back, we can now confidently go out and find a great property maintenance company in London without the concern of being ripped off, scammed or having essential repairs botched or worse, made incredibly dangerous. God luck with your search and use all the tools available at your disposal to make a well-judged, informed decision.

London Office Cleaning